What does it mean «Polyprenols with the purity of 85%»?

Polyprenols are obtained from vegetable raw materials using a modern patented technology of carbon dioxide extraction. In spite of this, it is virtually impossible to ensure that we produce a substance with the 100% of pure polyprenols. The content of polyprenols in the finished substance can vary greatly. However, there are certain standards for the production of products based on polyprenols. For example, polyprenols with the purity of 95% are used for the production of pharmacological products - this is the highest indicator.

For SibXP®Complex we use polyprenols with the purity of 85% - it is a very high level of purity, that is maximally close to the indicator for the pharmaceutical production. For example, polyprenols with a much lower indicator (from 70-75%) are used in the production of various dietary supplements. As for Tayga8, here we have polyprenols of the very high purity in the composition of the food product. That is why the content of polyprenols in one daily portion of Tayga8 is 13 milligrams. This content completely covers the daily demand of the organism: 13 mg of polyprenols with the purity of 85% are equivalent to 10 mg of polyprenols with the purity of 100% (a daily rate recommended by the Ministry of Health).

By the way, a producer of any product, in the composition of which there are any fir-tree elements, can declare the presence of polyprenols in the composition. As a rule, polyprenols in such products are part of complex natural compounds produced from plant material with the simplest techniques. The content of polyprenols in the final product is, at best, 1-1,5 mg. As a rule, the difference in price points to the same fact: a product containing a good quantity of high-quality polyprenols cannot be cheap.