T8 Blend is a combination of SibXP®Complex and juice of the six best Tayga berries. This is a unique barrier complex. Youth cell cocktail T8 Blend is a product that gives you vigour, great mood and incomparable pleasure from the rich bouquet of taste and aroma! It is а perfect choice for the whole family.


Т8 Blend cellular cocktail of youth is the product that gives you energy, perfect mood and incomparable pleasure from this bright combination of tastes and aromas! This is a perfect choice for the whole family.

The cocktail is based on SibXP®Complex, the effect of which is supplemented and strengthened by the juice of the six best Tayga berries:

  • Honeysuckle - boosts your immune system, digestion, eliminates toxins from your body
  • Bilberries - protects from free radicals, improves visual perception and memory
  • Sea buckthorn - fights against stress, overfatigue and bad mood
  • Cranberries - tones, increases mental and physical activity
  • Blueberries - slows down the process of cells ageing and regenerates skin cells
  • Cowberries - strengthen vessels and improves metabolism

Direct extraction and gentle treatment help to preserve the authentic taste and aroma of the berries as well as all the valuable nutrients that they contain.

Т8 Blend:

  • Regenerates liver cells
  • Strengthens body barriers against toxins
  • Optimizes natural interferon production
  • Protects the cells the nervous system from destruction
  • Reduces the level of cholesterin
  • Strengthens the walls of vessels
  • Improves the immune system

Take Т8 Blend cellular cocktail of youth undiluted or add some water, add to tea or other drinks*, mix with fermented milk products – quark, kefir or yoghurt, turning them into aromatic and healthy delicacies having unusual taiga taste. Experiment with tastes and enjoy them!

* Attention! The drink shall not be hot!

Calorie table
The nutritional value (in 100 ml. product) 1 portion (30 ml.)
polyprenols 43,3 mg. (concentration 85%) 13 mg. (100% от РСП*)
maltol 65,33 mg. 19,6 mg.
Phenolic acids 8 mg. (in terms of gallic acid) 2,4 mg.
Vitamin C 81,84 mg. 24,5 mg.
Vitamin E 1 mg. 0,3 mg.
Iron 4,9 mg. 1,5 mg.
Potassium 99,58 mg. 29,9 mg.
Calcium 18,12 mg. 5,4 mg.
Phosphorus 22,29 mg. 6,7 mg.
Flavonoids 2,66 mg. 0,8 mg.
Magnesium 15,54 mg. 4,7 mg.
Proteins 0 gm. 0
Fats 0gm 0
Carbohydrates 9 gm. 2,7 gm.
Energy value 36 kcal/153 kJ 10,8 kcal/45,9 kJ
*recommended daily consumption
Сapacity: 750 ml. Daily consumption: 30 ml.