is a natural concentrate based on humic acid salts for the preparation of a drink that provides antioxidant protection, mild detoxification of the body and improved metabolism.


Product description and its advantages:

T8 STONE is a new generation concentrate based on the unique FulXP Complex enhanced with silver nitrate, for effective cleansing of the body from toxins, toxins and heavy metals.

Raw materials for the production of T8 STONE are extracted in relict forests from raw materials of natural origin. With the help of unique equipment developed by scientists of Akademgorodok, gentle processing of raw materials is achieved, allowing to maintain a high concentration of the product without chemical impurities. The technology of obtaining humic acids in FulXP Complex is unique in its kind and has no analogues.

Useful properties of T8 STONE:

  • Neutralizes the negative effects of toxic molecules that provoke the oxidation process in the body;
  • Humic substances inhibit the activity of various viruses;
  • It has a highly effective, mild detoxification effect - removes heavy metals;
  • Enhances the bioavailability of useful substances;
  • Normalize microflora and metabolic processes (improving metabolism);
  • Activates the work of all parts of the immune system;
  • Relieves inflammatory reactions in the body;
  • It has anti-allergenic properties.

What you will get after using T8 STONE:

Detoxification: your body effectively removes all toxins and harmful substances, leaving a useful microflora, without injuring the gastrointestinal tract.

Recovery: the intensity of inflammatory reactions in your body decreases, and your wounds began to heal faster, as the process of tissue regeneration takes place.

Immunity: your body stimulates the work of cells that detect and destroy foreign microorganisms, and also enhances the antibacterial properties of blood serum.

Gastrointestinal TRACT: your body prevents the absorption of toxins formed after infection or an unbalanced diet.

Liver and kidneys: Your liver neutralizes the neutralized toxins, and the kidneys remove them naturally.

Allergy: the active components of the complex reduce the effect of allergens.

Mitochondria: Your mitochondria generate more energy without the risk of damage.

Active ingredients:

The concentrate based on FulXP Complex was created using a patented technology, contains three types of acids necessary for the body: humic, himatomelanic and fulvic.

FulXP Complex:

  • Humic acids — improve the natural processes of metabolism, helping the body to normalize natural biorhythms.
  • Himatomelanic acids — provide mild detoxification of cells, fight pathogenic microflora, bind and remove heavy metal ions.
  • Fulvic acids are a conductor for minerals and vitamins.

How T8 STONE Works on MITO (Mitochondria):

The composition of T8 STONE includes all 3 groups of humic acids. Their complex structure is capable of binding reactive oxygen species (free radicals). In the cell, they are formed mainly during the synthesis of ATP molecules by mitochondria.

These molecules are a universal way to store energy, which is used by all living beings.

Humic acids of the FulXP complex, which is part of the T8 Stone concentrate, attach free radicals in the cell to themselves and neutralize their aggressive effect. It helps mitochondria producing more energy without the risk of damage.

Method of application of T8 STONE:

The daily dosage of T8 Stone is only 2 ml – 1 ml in the morning after breakfast and 1 ml in the evening before going to bed. The concentrate should be dissolved in 250 ml of bottled (not tap water!) water. The full course is 25 days, after which a week break is required.

Composition: A complex of salts of humic, himatomelanic and fulvic acids, nitric acid silver (Ag +), distilled water.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components.

Volume: 50 ml.

Shelf life: 3 years