Influence of cell juice on physical performance and fatigability

Clinical studies of the influence of Siberian fir cell juice on the performance were carried out at the Department of Biochemistry, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk. Children and teenagers living in the radiation trace zone in Tomsk Oblast took part in the study. A significant decrease in fatigability, increase of physical performance, improvement of attention and memory were recorded against the background of the administration of cell juice.

In order to prevent the development of diseases associated with the impact of unfriendly environment factors, the fir extract was offered to schoolchildren living on the radiation contaminated territory in Tomsk Oblast. The examination of children and teenagers living in the radiation trace zone showed a significant reduction of the content of pyruvate and the accumulation of lactate, which evidences the suppression of muscle activity in children and their increased fatigability as a result of disorders of oxidative processes. A reduction of physical performance was observed in 52% of schoolchildren. The analysis of clinical signs showed that the children had complaints about headache, poor attention, rapid fatigability, pains in the liver before prevention.

There was positive dynamics of clinical and paraclinical indicators after taking the fir extract: a decrease of the lactate content and an increase of the pyruvate content, normalization of the fatigue index were observed. Schoolchildren had fewer complaints about rapid fatigability and headache, their sleep normalized, the general condition of the children improved, and liver size normalized.