Increased of physical performance

A preclinical (experimental) study of effects of Siberian fir extract (cell juice) on physical performance was carried out in the Research Institute of Cardiology (Tomsk) and in the Research Institute of Hygiene (Novosibirsk). It was studied with the use of the test of forced swimming of mice with a load on the tail. The extract provided a pronounced stimulating effect, increasing the performance of the animals and preventing the development of fatigue. This was expressed in the increase of the swimming time by 56-90% in comparison with control animals that received water instead of the study preparation.

The testing was conducted by the method of forced two-time swimming of mice with a weighting load within 5 days, with the "crash" of adaptation on the 6th day. The introduction of the fir extract increased the time of swimming of experimental animals, starting from the first test and till the end of the experiment by 56-90%. On the 6th day, despite the abrupt change of swimming conditions, the animals receiving the extract, swam longer than the control animals by 93%.