How does SibXP® Complex work?

A cell produces energy from glucose and oxygen, but free radicals damage the membrane and penetrate inside, then they damage the cell and disrupt glucose supply.

Polyprenols* are converted to dolichols, which restore the membrane. They protect the cell from free radicals, inhibit the peroxidation of membranes.

Fir cellular juice contains iron, which improves oxygen supply to cells.

CGNC complex has strong anti-inflammatory features.

SIBXP Complex

- Restores damaged cells - Strengthens immunity - Strengthens nervous system - Protects from stress - Normalizes metabolism - Has an inflammatory effect - Tones

A person gets:

RESTORATION: You become resistant to stress, get tired less, and recover faster.

IMMUNITY: The production of natural interferon is enhanced. You become protected from seasonal colds and the most common infections.

LIVER: Liver cells regenerate, its functions are restored strengthening the body's defense against toxins and harmful substances.

BRAIN: Brain function improves, reaction accelerates, the memory becomes better. You become protected from age-related changes in intelligence and Alzheimer's disease.

VESSELS: The cholesterol level decreases, and the walls of the vessels become stronger and more elastic. The risk of developing atherosclerosis and stroke is reduced.

HEART: The heart muscle becomes stronger and more elastic, the rhythm of heart contractions normalizes, and coronary blood flow improves.

ANTI-STRESS: You are optimistic and vigorous, easily endure any psycho-emotional stress. You are always in a great mood.