How does SibXP® Complex interact with the body?

Let’s consider this process in more detail. Our product consists of three key components:

• Polyprenols • Fir cellular juice • CGNC paste

All these substances are obtained from young fir needles, which are harvested in the timber processing. Further, the raw materials undergo a carbon dioxide extraction procedure: fir needles are treated with liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) at a temperature of 55-60oC in a special chamber. This process allows us to extract all the nutrients from the raw material, with no risk of loss. This method of obtaining nutrients is unique and protects our company from competitors copying the product thanks to the patent. And the product's composition is the most important component of its uniqueness: no company in the world can combine three ingredients which are quite different in form: polyprenols (water fraction), fir cellular juice (oily fraction), and CGNC (paste).

Now let's analyze each of the three components and their effect on the human body.


This is a molecule that is part of the plant cell membrane and is responsible for its integrity, elasticity, permeability to beneficial substances.

When it enters the human body, polyprenols are metabolized in the liver to dolichols, which are similar to animal and human cell molecules in their function.

The number of dolichols in our body decreases with age, this process is a component of the body aging.

The membranes of all cells in the body become less elastic, thin, and then completely disappear, which leads to cell death.

Polyprenols slow down this process, returning all necessary properties to the membrane.

The process of transporting nutrients to the cell improves due to the increase in permeability. It leads to:

• Increasing in the restoration process • Increasing in the number of glycoproteins.

The compound of protein and glucose which is the building material for enzymes and hormones.


It includes:

Maltol is a powerful natural preservative (it helps pine needles to live for 10 years, and they dry up after falling off but do not rot) and an antioxidant (binds oxygen free radicals, reduces their destructive effect on the body). Maltol also binds toxins, prevents the body from being poisoned by the breakdown products of alcohol and other poisons.

Also, maltol effectively binds and removes aluminum ions which stay in the brain tissue after ingestion from contaminated air, water, and food products; they subsequently lead to impaired functions.

Bioavailable iron is the most important microelement required for boosting the transportation of oxygen with blood to all organs.

Magnesium is an element involved in all stages of energy and protein synthesis in the body. It is responsible for maintaining the normal function of the nervous system, heart muscles, and promotes the removal of cholesterol from the body.

Phenolic acids improve blood quality, prevent blood clots from sticking together, act as antioxidants.

Flavonoids are indispensable components of human nutrition, they improve metabolism.


TAYGA8 component is the longest known to man. In the 40s of the 20th century, it was invented as a chlorophyll carotin paste and was used to treat and disinfect wounds and burns.

CGNC complex is a powerful stimulator of tissue and cell regeneration due to its unique features. This component makes it possible to combine polyprenols and cellular fir juice which are quite different in form. No one in the world has previously succeeded in!